About Sidewalk Talk

The short story:
After 7 years of doing photography, mostly fashion but also in music Lauren became more and more interested in the stories behind these musicians she was photographing. While still living in Hong Kong she came up with the Sidewalk Talk concept–a personal vlog style matched with deep questions and answers.

The long story:
Growing up in Hong Kong, Lauren found all her music from scouring YouTube (early days music channels) then moved onto Soundcloud.  She felt like she was in a bubble because people she knew didn’t listen to any of that music and these musicians would never perform in Hong Kong.

In college in Boston she started slowly meeting these people–photographing them and interviewing them via emails because she was still shy then.  Slowly this progressed into doing recorded interviews in person because Lauren wasn’t able to really get the answers she was looking for and getting to know them more.  But it still didn’t feel right and to take artists so animated and interesting and just transcribe it into paper didn’t feel like she did them justice.

After graduating and moving back to Hong Kong Lauren started thinking about video content but a lot of video interviews felt so uncomfortable to her– like sitting on a couch or standing with a mic.  Finally Lauren came up with the idea of Sidewalk Talk and in the last year she LA in August 2017 to do this show concept on a bigger scale.

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About me
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