Sidewalk Talk | Night out w/ Mija, Valentino Khan, AObeats, Lil Texas, Robokid, Vindata Vlog
Last night we drove to San Diego for Mija, Valentino Khan, AObeats, Robokid, Vindata, Lil Texas, Ryan Farber (Ryan Forever), Distal and Jewel Tones. Enjoy my lovelies!
mija, valentino khan, aobeats, mija live, valentino live, aobeats, lil texas, robokid, vindata
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Mija in San Diego with Lil Texas, AObeats, Robokid, Vindata

We drove a few hours down to San Diego to see my bf AObeats perform and also headliner–Mija. My friends Lil Texas (check our interview if you haven’t already) Vindata, and Robokid played.