laxcity Interview

laxcity Interview

Originally from Zambia, Africa, Laxcity (Joshua Mbewe) moved to the UK with his family and discovered his love for electronic music through his friends back in 2012. His work has rapidly become known within the music industry and acknowledged by artists like Medasin, Ekali, and so many more. Early 2019, he signed with the ALT:VISION record label (with Medasin, etc).

The overall takeaway from this interview is that Josh is such a genuine and humble person, that I don’t think he even understands his potential, which is probably one of the most admirable things about him. Oh.. AND the fact that he made a song, Cherish, inspired by his mother’s love.

This is only the beginning for Josh and I’m so so excited to follow his journey and watch him grow as an artist…and introduce him to Korean and Japanese food.

How did you come up with laxcity?

14 or 15 years old he was really into animation and he was part of this forum, he used to go as ‘lax.’ While he was making his soundcloud, he and his friend started to brainstorm and were in between rack city or lax city.

What software or equipment is necessary to start producing for you?

Started with mouse and laptop. Currently using a midi keyboard (optional). Using FL studio, and getting into ableton (might switch)

Equipment wishlist

Actual studio monitors, sound proof walls, really good office chair

If you could offer one piece of life advice to your listeners, what would it be?

Just keep making the best music you can, be honest with yourself, don’t conform to what other people are saying, the appropriate people that you need will just come to you automatically, if there’s any people getting into music, just focus on the music alone, don’t rush to get a manager, or get a music video after your first song, just keep making music

Random Facts

About his track ‘Goodmorning’

He did not expect it to get as big as it did. He was actually going to delete that song 3 days after he released it (WHA!)

Once Medasin reposted on Soundcloud. Ekali messaged Laxcity on Twitter asking for any unreleased tracks that he had and he checked all of his songs for Awakening Mix. 5

Funny quote from the interview

Josh’s reaction to when Ekali messaged him:“What are even doing in my DMs?! You’re not supposed to be here!”