BEARS DEN Interview- touring w/ Daughter, Mumford & Sons, becoming a duo, early difficulties

“We got to this point where we complete each other’s musical sentences.”

‘So that you might hear me’ is the follow-up to Bear’s Den’s debut, Islands, which earned them an Ivor Novello nomination in the UK and a devoted following worldwide, and 2016’s more expansive Red Earth & Pouring Rain. The speed and scale of their success meant that Bear’s Den hadn’t taken a break since forming in 2012. Last year, finally, they took a step back to focus on their future.

For the first time, Andrew and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Jones had their own studio, where they could leave their instruments plugged in and come and go as they pleased. Musically, there were no self-imposed constraints. Nor was there a time frame. The result is a record that is both bold and exposed, at once intimate and widescreen. While the music leads the listener down different paths, the lyrics unfold as though revealing secrets, each line littered with clues. ‘So that you might hear me’ is released April 26 2019.