MOTHICA Interview – surviving a suicide attempt/sexual abuse/addition, Andrew Yang, and getting into music | SIDEWALK HANGOUTS

Mothica is the artist name behind the all-talented McKenzie Ellis. Mothica was raised in Oklahoma, moved to New York to attend the Pratt Institute to study Interactive Media, and has yet again fluttered her wings over to California to now call Los Angeles home. The genre-bending artist makes music that sounds like an amalgamation of EDM, gloom-pop, and indie, but all the same, there is heart and depth behind the production and lyrics. From putting out her EP Mythic in 2015 to putting out her LP Blue Hour in 2019, Mothica turns her past and its darkness into light. Her music covers her history with drug/alcohol abuse, her suicide attempt, her struggles with depression, the sexual abuse from her pastor, and more. Today, she is celebrating sobriety, her ability to make music from a more pure place, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for this down-to-earth and skilled artist.

In the activity video, Mothica shares the contents of her cocoon, showcasing her trinkets, multiple moth drawings and preservations, and personal artwork; Mothica puts her illustration skills to use as Lara and Mothica engage in art games/lessons, drawing each other’s portraits, moths, and skulls. In the interview video, Mothica and Lara discuss how the name Mothica came about, what college was like for her, the honesty behind her lyrics, the trauma from her past, what she was like as a child, her illustration and artwork, her crazy dating app stories, how she was asked to perform for Andrew Yang’s campaign, and more.