MARG Interview – moving a lot as a child, sister being in One Tree Hill, struggling through depression, new music | SIDEWALK HANGOUTS

MARG is an indie pop artist whose influences draw from far and wide. Having lived in South Carolina, China, Argentina, California, and more, the Chinese-American artist has called different parts of the world home and has, naturally, been moved by the people she’s met across the globe. Inspired by Lorde, Lana Del Rey, and being put onto artists like Nirvana and Tom Petty by her dad, MARG’s songwriting has been described as moody and evocative. However, she’s on a new path as she’s learning from life’s lessons and is no longer swallowed up by teenage angst–which you can hear in her new album The World Keeps on Moving. Watch the video to learn more about MARG as we cook ji dan gung (a dish her mother often prepared for her) and as we interview her on her life and her music.
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